Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010
(Replaces DOT SafeStats in July)

  • The goal of CSA 2010 is to reduce crashes, by broadening interventions and reaching more carriers.
  • The program is designed to alert carriers earlier to safety problems that need to be corrected before crashes occur.
  • Safety Ratings will be based on the 7 BASICS (Behavior Analysis & Safety Improvement Categories):
                Unsafe Driving
                    Driver Fitness
                    Cargo Related
                    Crash Indicator
                    Fatigue Driving
                    Vehicle Maintenance
                    Controlled Substances/Alcohol

    What can you do NOW to prepare for CSA 2010?

  • Educate your drivers on how their driving performance impacts their individual rating.
  • Learn how the safety assessment of the carrier is impacted by their drivers and roadside inspections.
  • Address safety problems NOW.

    With our Training Solutions...

  • Drivers can be trained, tracked, and tested simply by signing on to our web based program.
  • We offer over 40 online modules for CSA training and trucking safety.
  • Easy monitoring and third party validation of driver training for CSA 2010 compliance.
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